Maypole Caravan Cover Fitting Instructions

Important : 

  • Do NOT attempt to fit the cover in windy conditions
  • Do NOT use your caravan’s heating system with the cover fitted
  • Do NOT attempt to tow your caravan with the cover fitted
  • When opening and closing a zip, always ensure the cover surrounding it is straight and not too tight. This will prevent excessive strain and possible failure of the zip.
  • Do NOT over-tension straps as this may damage your cover 

Before fitting your Caravan Cover: 

  • Remove, fold away or cover any sharp or fragile objects (such as aerials, guttering, wing mirrors, awnings and ladders etc) on the exterior of your caravan to avoid damage to both them and the cover.
  • Close all windows and roof lights etc.
  • Ensure that the handbrake is applied, fridges and heaters etc are turned off and the corner jacks are down.
  • It is preferable, but not essential, that your caravan exterior is dry before fitting your cover.
  • Your caravan exterior MUST be clean. In the wind, the friction caused by dust and dirt particles can leave scratch marks.
  • To avoid damage to the paintwork caused by the material flapping in the wind, make sure the cover is fastened properly i.e. straps are adjusted and tensioned.
  • Not recommended for use in extremely exposed locations or gale force wind. 

Fitting your Caravan Cover:

Two people and the careful use of stepladders or a platform will be required as the cover is heavy and needs to be passed carefully over all sections of your caravan.

  1. Open out the cover and pass over the roof, starting from the front and working towards the rear, lifting the cover carefully over roof lights and other protruding objects. If necessary due to a tight fit, unzip the zips.
  2. Adjust the cover’s position until an even fit all over is achieved.
  3. Close the zips carefully.
  4. Pass each strap under your caravan and secure to the corresponding buckle on the opposite side.
  5. Adjust all straps as required to give a good fit.

Care of your Caravan Cover:

  • Allow the cover to dry completely before storing in the bag provided.
  • Do NOT machine wash or tumble dry this cover. Remove dirt with a soft sponge and warm water. Do NOT use detergent.
  • Do NOT expose this cover to sparks, flames or other sources of ignition.