Thule WingBar

Thule WingBar Wing Bar  

Thule's best selling roof bar, the WingBar, has gained popularity thanks to its stylish looks and innovative design. The unique shape of the bar is based on an aeroplane wing, creating less drag as it passes through the air. This reduces wind noise whilst driving, and has less of an impact on fuel consumption.

Thule WingBar - The Design

Thule WingBar BlackThe sheer aesthetic construction of the Wing Bars set them apart from any other roof rack system on the market. They are simply stunning and the build quality is second to none. The exquisite design blends seamlessly to one's vehicle, which is why many WingBar customers leave their roof rack attached to their car at all times. The well acclaimed Thule WingBar is now available in a matt black finish. The result is fantastic, somehow Thule have made the WingBar even better - something we didn't think was possible.  

Thule WingBar - The Technology 

The Thule WingBar's secret weapon is its Trail Edge technology, the bar is designed with smooth rounded corners, alot like the wing structure of an aeroplane and by doing this it helps create clean air release behind the bar. Moreover, this reduces aerodynamic drag and helps aid fuel consumption.

The Thule WingBar incorporates the aeroplane inspired WindDiffuser™ technology this allows the bar to divert air currents to help improve noise reduction and fuel efficiency.If you are looking for a roof bar to reduce drag and maximise fuel economy then this is the bar for you. 

WingBar Graph

 The Thule WingBars are city crash approved making them not only stylish and silent but also safe to use within an urban environment.The Thule WingBar can carry loads up to 100kg, however depending on the rapid footpack system this may be limited to 60kg.


Thule WingBar - Accessories 

All of the Thule WingBars (960, 961, 962, 963, 969) all incorporate T-Track technology so you can fit the wide range of accessories Thule have available; whether that be: bike carriers, winter sport carriers, water sport carriers or roof boxes we keep all ranges in stock.